Ajaz & Anderson

Tax Accountants & Business Advisors
Since 1975

London, Reading & the UK

Why Us

We have over 42 years experience as Tax and Business Advisors in the UK. The Founder of this practice is still the Principal of  this Practice and there is no change since 1975 in our standard of care and quality of service we provide to our clients. We have always listened to our clients and made changes to our service structure to meet their business requirements. During 2001, we added new services to our Personal Tax, Accountancy and Business Advice services to meet the demands of our clients because they live and operate in the rapidly changing world, which demands more for less money. We are now equipped with English Legal Qualifications and Professional Memberships to provide under one roof not only Accountancy, Taxation and Business services but also legal advice. We can help with all of your problems concerning all aspects of Business Law, Family Law, Company Law and Civil Litigation in England & Wales. We can also look into your Financial and Commercial litigation disputes, which are likely to go to DIFC Courts in Dubai, UAE and some other foreign jurisdictions. Our evaluation can help you to choose between Mediation and Litigation. These skills are very rare in the Accountancy Profession. Eastmans Chambers, Direct Access Barristers, headed by Barrister M A Ajaz provides our Legal Services. For more information about our Legal Services, please go to www.eastmanschambers.com

We trust your hard work and our input into your business can make a real difference and can help your business to grow and make your family’s future brighter.